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Itchy Horse Gel PLUS 250ml (formerly Summer Relief)


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Itchy Horse Cream PLUS 250g

Itchy Horse Gel PLUS 250ml (formerly Summer Relief)

Quick Overview

  • Rapid Itch Relief

  • Contains the oils and plant extracts your animal would instinctively choose

  • Essential Oils and Herbal extracts known to deter midges and irritating insects

  • Cooling and soothing to the area

  • Stimulates healthy mane

  • tail and coat hair growth

  • NO artificial colours or fragrances

  • NO petro-chemical derivatives or by products

  • Naturally antibacterial and antiseptic

  • Easy and pleasant to use

  • Economical to use - a little goes a long way

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Itchy Horse is the New Name for Summer Relief!

Itchy Horse Gel PLUS is designed to support the horse during the summer months against seasonal irritants.

A cooling and soothing gel provides fast relief against itchy skin problems in horses and ponies.

This Gel can also be used on cuts and wounds where protection against flies and insects is needed.

The Gel contains high levels of Aloe Vera, Essential Oils and Cold Pressed Neem.  Garlic Essential Oil is added as a deterent against biting insects.

The strong aroma lasts for a good 24 - 48 hours proving to be an excellent repellent against midges and biting insects.  Due to the strength of the aroma, you may wish to apply using a disposible glove, though many of our customers are not put off by the aroma, but thankfully the midges and flies detest it!

If you would prefer to use a the non-garlic version, please take a look at Itchy Horse Gel. This gel provides the same fast acting itchy relief but will not be as effective at repelling the midges.  This however, its useful during the times of year when midges are not an issue but itch relief is still needed.

Also available in a thick cream and a spray.

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  1. Excellent Product, it really works! review by Karen Potter on 03/09/2016
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    We have lots of midges near our stables, so evening and first thing in a morning can be a nightmare . Rubbed manes and 'bog brush' tails!! I have tried all sorts of products but found the summer relief gel to certainly be the most effective ( I'll probably continue using it during winter too, when we can sometimes get warmer evenings and the midges are out).

    It is so easy to put on (my big boy is terrified of sprays so the gel is ideal) , it really lasts , you can still smell it the next day, and don't need much.

    It has a very distinctive but pleasant smell! I will definitely be buying more !

  2. Does what it says on the tin! review by carina on 11/07/2016

    I'm onto my second bottle. It has done a great job of keeping the flies away, and also seems very soothing. The pump action means it lasts longer than other products I've used in the past. It has also done a good job of helping the tail grow thicker.

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Aloe Gel, Neem Oil, Lavender, Peppermint, Manuka, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Patchouli and Garlic Essential Oils