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EquiAroma Massage Gel - Chill & Relax 250ml

EquiAroma Massage Gel - Chill & Relax 250ml


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EquiAroma Massage Gel - Chill & Relax 250ml

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Quick Overview

EquiAroma Massage Gel - Chill & Relax 250ml

  • Relaxing lavender

  • Calming chamomile

  • Balancing geranium

  • Use for emotional balance

  • Ideal for hormonal mares

  • As a post exercise massage

  • Before exercise for added relaxation

Directions: Apply a small amount of the gel onto clean hands and rub together. Allow the horse to inhale the aroma and watch their reactions as the essential oils start to help them relax firstly through the limbic system in the brain. Add a few more pumps of the gel onto your hands and start your massage. We advise that you massage the large muscle groups of the neck, back and hind quarters. Make sure the horse is clean and dry before you start the massage. The gel will dry and is easily brushed out without leaving a greasy residue.

Do Not use on pregnant mares. Withdraw use at least 7 days before competing under FEI regulations / competing at level subject to drug testing. Keep away from eyes & do not swallow. If ingested by people /animals give plenty of water, do not induce vomiting and seek medical/veterinary advice. Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight & out of the reach of children.

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